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What Do Dogs Do When They’re Home Alone?
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By Fayer Mo

All dog owners know that look — the puppy eyes staring up at you, knowing you are going to leave for work and leave them at home alone. But whenever you come home after a long day, they will be at the door wiggling their butt and shaking their tail with excitement over being reunited with you. So you often wonder, what do your dogs do all day once they’ve been left alone at home? Do they wander aimlessly from room to room? Do they spend the whole day sleeping on the couch? Do they annoy your neighbors with endless barking? Or do they get lonely and just stare at the door waiting for you to come home?

Symptoms of Dogs Suffer From Separation Anxiety (from The Dog People)
-Chewing and other destructive behaviors
-Barking or howling constantly
-Pacing or hiding
-Potty accidents
-Reduced appetite

How to Help Your Dog When They’re Home Alone?

1) Get a dog sitter/walker: If you work full-time or need to leave the house for long hours, getting a dog sitter/walker will be helpful for your dog to get the proper amount of exercise and also to satisfy their need for a bathroom break. Wag and Rover are two popular sites that provide the service.

2) Entertain Your Dog With Toys: If you have to leave your dog at home all day, keep them happy. Pet cameras and interactive toys are a very popular choice among pet parents. PlayDate is a smart pet ball that allows you to play and interact with your dogs from anywhere, anytime. The smart ball has a camera that streams live video from your home to your mobile devices. You can use the camera on the ball to see your dogs and use the built-in microphone to speak with them. Start PlayDate today!

3) Separation Training: It’s important to teach your dog to accept your absence. As with any training, it’s important to work gradually and consistently. Start by asking your dog to stay in their dog zone when you’re home with them, and gradually extend the distance and time of separation.

4) Daycare Centers: Dogs are social creatures. They are descendants of wolves, pack animals who do pretty much everything together. And even though they’ve since been domesticated, they are still very much social creatures that crave company. If your schedule is too packed for you to be there to give them plenty of attention and a lot of cuddles, consider booking a trusted dog daycare provider so your dog can be meeting new friends and playing with old ones while you’re away.