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Top 10 Benefits Of Exercising Your Dog
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By Sabrina DiStefano

Every dog owner out there wants to give their pet the most attention they can. But, owners who are juggling jobs, kids, and social lives tend to run out of time by the end of the day. Through all this, their furry friend is sitting at home, bored, waiting for someone to play with. Along with the lack of attention, they’re also getting less exercise. There are many great benefits to owning a dog, but even more if they are both healthy and active. Here are the top 10 benefits both your dog (and you!) will receive when she’s staying active.


The obvious number one benefit of exercise is it keeps your pet healthy and strong. The caveat here is that you should make sure it’s GOOD exercise. Make time when you get home from work, before you leave the house, or even come home during your lunch break. Your dog running around those extra 5 minutes every day will keep them healthy and could prevent physical or mental injury in the long run. A simple five-minute walk or a quick game of fetch can increase your dog’s health meter.


It may sound like an absurd thing, but without an average exercise routine, your dog will start adding a couple of pounds. Furthering this could also lead to medical complaints that are NOT cheap to fix. This comes in hand with keeping your dog healthy. If you can make the time, or find a way to keep your dog exercised, it will lower their chances of becoming overweight.


Imagine staying in the house all day and only seeing the same handful of people every day. You would probably go stir crazy. Walking your dog or going to the dog park, allows them to smell the grass and see more than just the interior layout of your house. It allows you pet to interact with and explore the outside world.


Exercising your dog outside allows him to see other humans, play with other dogs, and sniff more butts! Playing around in the dog park will increase their social interaction with other dogs, and decrease a future issue of social anxiety around others. This could happen if your dog stays cooped up inside the house everyday. Studies have repeatedly shown that it’s incredibly important for their mental development to be exposed to and interact with a variety of different dogs and even people!


If pets don’t receive the proper physical activity, they may lash out and become destructive inside your house. This could manifest with them chewing up your shoes, shredding throw pillows, or any number of other undesirable activities that lets them release pent up energy from their system. Walking, running, or even swimming are positive outlets of exercise that will prevent your house from being gnawed to bits.


We don’t think about it but exercising your dog, is actually exercising yourself. I mean to some extent if you’re a marathon runner the minimum exercise standards don’t apply to you. BUT, if for some reason you can’t get your dog to exercise, maybe kill two birds with one stone and exercise together? Throw the ball while you do yoga, run in the park and bring your dog with you!


Going hand in hand with being healthy, another huge benefit of regularly exercising your dog is it will increase her life expectancy. Studies have shown that obesity shortens dogs’ lives by at least two years. And over 50% of dogs in the US are obese! Small size breeds can live up to 22 years if they maintain a stable diet, and healthy play patterns.


At the end of a long day, you and your furry friend will be all exercised out. She will be too tired to be running around in the middle of the night looking for a ball and wanting to play. Exercising your dog during the day will ensure both you and your dog get a good night’s sleep.


The stereotype that comes with dogs is that they can protect us if need be. Not to say that your Yorkie will fight off any cat burglars. But, by strengthening their muscles and bones, and adding cardiovascular fitness to their routine, your healthy dog could easily scare off anyone that comes into your home without an invitation.


As you build a routine with your dog: getting up everyday for walks, doing it three times a day, you start to create a healthy habit that ends up benefiting the both of you. Through the process of spending time together you’ll strengthen the bond you share as fellow pack members. Failure to interact with your dog can cause retaliation such as biting, scratching, or even shying away from social interaction.

Now that you know the many benefits of exercising your dog, I hope you’ll try to spend more time keeping them happy and healthy. She’ll thank you for it! For bonus points, if you want to keep your dog happy, healthy, and exercising all day long even when you’re not at home, check out the PlayDate Smart Ball. We built this to help keep pets active and healthy, even when you’re not there with them. This smart pet monitoring system can be controlled by your phone and will interact your dog while you’re not at home. The camera inside the ball lets you see that furry face. You can move the ball even when you’re not there, driving it around using the app on your mobile phone. And once you do, you’ll start to make that furry face start moving! Start PlayDate now!