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Towards a More Perfect Pet Toy

I always tell people that I don't think of PlayDate as a toy company, but rather as a way of applying the latest and greatest technology to improve owner/pet interaction. I was playing with Hulk the other day via our prototype and got a glimpse of the future of pet play.

When the PlayDate ball rolls out of its cradle, Hulk jumps to life (usually he's sleeping on the couch) and lunges at it if it were a squirrel or a pigeon. For him, this isn't just a smart ball being controlled by his owner. It's unlike the ho-hum tennis balls that get tossed for him to dutifully retrieve. Instead, it's a new type of prey for him to chase down. It's the hunt. It's a new way to play.

As for me, it got me thinking of a day when every single one of his toys would provide a truly interactive experience for him, much more like what he would get in the wild.