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Little Things are Infinitely the Most Important

I was at the pet store yesterday buying a treat for Hulk to celebrate the end of our successful Indiegogo campaign and had a flashback to almost three years ago.

I had shown up at that very store, near the tail end of an adoption event to foster the dogs that hadn't been adopted. The coordinator opened the kennel and handed me a pup to take home. As soon as the door opened, one of the other more adventurous ones came up, sized me up with a quick sniff and then wandered off into the store. I chased after him, searching all the aisles, eventually finding him in the treats section with one in his mouth. As he desperately tried to scramble out of my arms, the person running the event said "that guy's available too if you want."

Fast forward to today and that little rambunctious guy is now double the size of what they said he'd be and really the inspiration for why we have been building a new way to interact with our pets remotely. Who knows what would've happened had I fostered the other pup. It's funny how the smallest things can have such a profound impact on your life.

So from all of us here at team PlayDate, thank you for your support and your help in making this the most successful pet tech campaign in crowdfunding history!

Looking forward, we can't offer the deep discounts or the rewards from the campaign but will continue to take pre-orders for a few more months as we prepare for manufacturing. I'll be continuing to post updates on our progress here. Stay tuned!